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Black Mesa Vapors Starter Kits are designed to give the user a choice when making their first important decision in becoming a vaper. We offer only the highest technology electronic cigarettes at affordable prices. Which kit will you choose?

Black Mesa Vapors Juice comes in various sizes ranging from 10ml to 120ml childproof bottles. We offer many premium juice lines as well, including Space Jam, Chubby Bubble Vapes, Cuttwood, and many more. Most of our juice is available in four levels of nicotine: Zero 0mg, Low 3-8mg, Medium 12-18mg, and High 24mg. Black Mesa Juice comes in a variety of delicious flavors.

MODS are typically for experienced vapers who want bigger and better performance from their e-cig. MODS usually possess bigger batteries that last longer and can provide MONSTER Vapor!

Batteries are the power behind the vapor. Batteries can 
typically be recharged 200 to 300 times depending on the
type selected. Available in many sizes and colors!


Tanks systems are great for vapers who like to vape all day without having to constantly fill their e-cig with Black Mesa Juice. Whether you choose the clearomizer or another type of tank, you will usually just have to fill up your tank system once every day or so depending on how much you vape.

The atomizer is the heating element responsible for
vaporizing the liquid.

The cartomizer is the heating element that vaporizes the liquid in DCT tanks. 

Embellish your electronic cigarette with different styles
and colors of drip tips. Drip tips are the mouthpiece for
your tank system.

Recharge your batteries numerous times with our dependable chargers.

Grab an awesome eGo case to store your e-cig supplies or
purchase one of our lanyards to wear your e-cig around
your neck. We also carry empty needle bottles for mixing
your favorite flavors and thread collars to protect your
e-cig threads.

Rebuildables are RDA's (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers), RBA's (Rebuildable tanks), and all accessories associated with rebuilding e-cigs, such as, kanthal A1 wire or wicks.

Black Mesa Vapors Gift Certificates make great gifts for smokers!

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