WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


First time buyer, Life long customer! The new Emergency Vape Stash Blueberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Custard are the best flavors I've tried since I began vaping 3 years ago. Fast shipment and excellent customer service!!!
~ Ryan, Vermont

Love the new Next Big Thing eliquids! I bought the Blue Raspberry and Watermelon flavors. They are absolutely amazing! I will be coming back for more. Customer for life!
~ Janice, California

Great customer service! Very knowledgeable staff! They helped my husband and I select electronic cigarettes that were right for us. The eliquid flavors were spot on and very delicious also. A+++
~ Susan, Oklahoma

Best electronic cigarette company EVER! Thanks for helping me and my husband make the switch! We love our ecigs. Your customer service and prices are hard to beat!
~ Jeanie, Iowa

Thank you BLACK MESA VAPORS for your superb customer service! I placed an order for three bottles of Chubby Bubble Purp and you guys were out of stock. The next day you called me to tell me that you were sending a free bottle of juice along with my original order due to the inconvenience! Can't find that service much any more. You guys go above and beyond...THANK YOU!
~ Jimmy, Wisconsin

Quick shipping and fantastic selection of the latest mods!
~ Colton, Missouri

We just stopped by your shop and are in love with the new mods you have in stock. I purchased the Dripbox and my sister got 5 bottles of juice. We were very satisfied with your staff and the prices compared to other local shops.
~ Jerri, Nebraska

I got my wife the pink iStick Basic and some apple flavored ejuice as an early Christmas present. She is in love with vaping and says she will never go back to analogs again. Thank you for your help!
~ Justin, California

My wife and I are extremely satisfied with our mods and eliquid we received from Black Mesa Vapors. We will be long time customers.
~ Jody, Kentucky

I ordered the Cuttwood Bird Brains and the fruit sample pack and was very satisfied. Smooth and tasty ejuice!
~ Kris, Texas

Great prices and fast shipping!
~ Christie, Oklahoma

I've had my new ecig for about 3 months now. Still works like a charm! Very affordable and much better than the alternative!!! Thank you!!!
~ Joanie, Alabama

Ordered on Wednesday and received my product on Thursday! A++ shipping speed!
~ Brett, Arkansas

I had an issue with getting my mod so I called their customer service department. Within a couple minutes they got me up and vaping again. Excellent customer service!
~ Melissa, Nevada

Awesome products! Awesome company!
~ Hank, Oklahoma

I don't normally write comments but I made an exception. Your customer service is great as well as great prices. There are at least 4 Vape stores within 10 minutes of my house and none of them match your selection or prices even with shipping. Just wanted to say thanks and I wish your store was here in VA.
~ John, Virginia

I just wanna take the time to tell you how happy I am to order from Black Mesa Vapors. I got exactly what I needed, and the site had EVERYTHING I needed to use for the ITaste, thank you so much for the product, and I will definitely suggest this site to my friends. I will be ordering my Flavors from this site from now on :). Thanks again!
~ Martin, Maine

Super fast..my order was shipped the same day it was placed and I received it 2 days later!
~ Jack, Colorado

The best vapor flavors ever. I love the sweet tart flavor, the Havana cigar, zebra stripe gum, and the gummy bear flavor. Great prices and great flavors. This is my go to vapor flavor place. Also fast service with delivering my flavors and I cannot wait for my flavors to arrive in a few days. Try this place and you will never go anywhere else again. Thanks!
~ Regina, North Carolina

Just received my order and tried a few different flavors out and they are wonderful ! Loving them already! Yum!
~ Amanda, Texas

Always have the best tasting flavors. And they are very helpful. The prices are pretty awesome too. Thanks!!
~ Jennifer, Florida

I have been receiving their products for a few months now and found no complaints. I will be ordering from them for a long time.
~ Crystal B, Delaware

I just received my eGo battery and it is the best! Not to mention, super cute and on sale. It is the Embossed Design Q2 pink/purple swirl. Ordered on Monday and had it by Friday. I know I sound like a salesperson from the company but I'm not, lol! Just a server and mommy who wanted to quit smoking. I have only had 1 real cigarette in 2 weeks. I plan on trying some of the juices from Black Mesa Vapors. I would recommend this battery.
~ Jacqueline, Louisiana

Totally in LOVE! So I was cruising the web for a designer eGo threaded battery with little crystals in the bottom that had a color changing LED. Did a google search and Black Mesa Vapors came up with a result. I didn't hesitate for a second on my purchase. I ordered at 2am and received my battery in today's mail. Absolutely lightning fast and soooo pretty!
~ Keri, Arizona

I like the new Maraxus mod I got from you guys. Hits hard and makes tons of vapor. Huge clouds! The new Alien Sauce ejuice tastes good also! Gracious!!!
~ Luis, West Virginia

I just wanted to thank you guys for being the best ecig supplier! I have received about 5 orders from Black Mesa Vapors. Everything was great and the eliquid was delicious. Thank you also for the business cards. I have given many of them to my friends and family.
~ Candice, California

Love all of the new flavors of eliquid I received: Blueberry, Candy Corn, Apple, Smurf Juice, and Tropical Delight. I will have to try more on my next order!
~ Tyler, Delaware

My ecig package arrived after only 2 days! Lightning fast shipping! I got a variable voltage emax battery for myself and it works great. I got the e-pipe for my father-in-law who has smoked regular pipes for years. He can't put the e-pipe down! He loves it!. Thank you for helping us make the switch!
~ Alex, Hawaii

Love the USA Mix and the RY4! You guys are my new ecig supplier!
~ Roberto, West Virginia

Got my order superfast! The Zebra Juice is AWWWEEESSSOOMMMEEE!!! Gonna order a big bottle on my next order. Thank you!
~ Sam, Florida

Receive my order in only 1 day! Everything looks and works great!
~ Jason, Maryland

Thank you for the free bottle of eliquid! My wife loves the strawberries & cream flavor. I like the Zebra Juice and Fire & Ice best! The batteries are great and last a long time. I think I'm going to get another 1300 vv battery for backup. P.S. Speedy delivery!
~ William, New Jersey

Fast service and great products!!!
~ Christian, Texas

Super fast shipping and excellent product! Thank you!
~ Anthony, Montana

Black Mesa Vapors saved me from picking up a cigarette!
~ Vickie, Washington, D.C.

Super fast shipping, I submitted an order on Friday and received the product on Saturday.
~ Kelli, Missouri

I love Black Mesa Vapors. They are always so friendly and helpful no matter how often we are in there and how dumb the question. I have told all my friends that want to stop smoking to use Black Mesa Vapors. I would recommend Black Mesa to anyone.
~ Crystal, South Dakota

I got my latest order today and was very happy. Something I ordered was on back order so it took a little longer than normal to get. They through in a free bottle of eliquid for the inconvenience. Great company!
~ Ashley, California

My wife and I have been doing business with Black Mesa Vapors for over a year now and will continue to do business here because of the high level of professionalism and quick service rendered. Even though I've never met you face to face Chris, my wife and I continue to get personalized service every time we order. I do admit that we have gone to other shops but none of them have the competitive prices that your website offers.
~ Aaron, Oklahoma

Thanks! Your product has enabled myself and coworkers to quit smoking!
~ Amanda, Wyoming

Love it and the Black Mesa eliquid is amazing!
~ Jordon, Tennessee

I recently bought the build-a-kit and had switched from smoking to vaping for about a week. Then I accidentally broke my ecig (long story...) Anyway, I ordered another and was surprised that it shipped the same day and was delivered within 2 days since we live about 1,000 miles away from you. Thank you for your great customer service and fast shipping!
~ Kevin, Indiana

I tried many juices from other stores, but your Demon Energy is by far the best I've tasted. You guys also have the best quality of products compared to most. My wife and I are your biggest fans.
~ Michael, Connecticut

My clearomizer from another vape shop cracked so I ordered your new RBC clearomizer with the bottom coil replacement. SOOO glad I did! It produces a lot more vapor and the design is way better than the older style clearomizers. THANK YOU SO MUCH BLACK MESA VAPORS!
~ Barb, Oklahoma

Wanted to give you a thumbs up for your service. I bought an e-cig starter kit from you last week. It has been the most practical purchase in a long time. I have recommended this to many people and hope they order soon. Just a HUGE THANK YOU!
~ Patricia, New Hampshire

I came in last week and the gentleman behind the counter was so courteous in explaining everything I needed to know to make a purchase. My husband and I are so glad you decided to open a store in town. Thank you so much.
~ Betty, North Dakota

Black Mesa Vapors helped me make the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs. I haven't had a single cigarette since I bought my new blister pack from Black Mesa Vapors. Thank you!
~ Vickie, Massachusetts

I just received my beautiful eGo Q. Fast delivery and a great product!
~ Lauri, Utah

I came in today and purchased a sample pack of eliquid along with two of the DCT tanks. I just wanted to let you know that I was using a different suppier, but now I am a Black Mesa Vapors customer. Your customer service is awesome and you sell great products. Thank you for taking the time to explain the DCT tank. I'm really enjoying it. Thank you again, you guys are awesome!
~ Christy, South Carolina

Just got my original order. My husband hates cigarette smoke so he is loving my new Black Mesa Vapors e-cig kit as much as I am. Lots of vapor and good throat hit. You are a wonderful company!
~ JoAnna, Georgia

Your new EGO Designer Batteries are fantastic. My boyfriend got the black battery and I got the pink battery. Works perfectly and looks awesome! I recommend them to anyone looking for a cool, slick battery. Thanks!
~ Karen, New York

I ordered a Build-A-Kit and received it within 3 days. The product performed great. Easy-to-use with help from your FAQs page. I ordered the USA Mix tobacco and Watermelon. I think I'm going to try more fruit flavors which seem to taste better than the tobacco. Completely satisfied and thankful for finding a product that actually works! Thanks!
~ Bobby, Washington

My husband and I absolutely love our new e-cigs. I got the purple tank and he got a blue one. Our friends are very inquisitive about our e-cigs. Most of all, we are glad we are now smoke free. Wish we would have done this a loooong time ago!
~ Kristen, Rhode Island

My wife loves her new electronic cigarette I got her for Christmas. She hasn't had a single cigarette since she opened it. Thanks for the alternative to smoking. She said this is the best gift she's ever received. Thank you Black Mesa Vapors!
~ Jason, Maine

Hi, we're around the corner from you here in Owasso, Oklahoma. My girlfriend and I have now been without a cigarette for 2 weeks since purchasing one of your electronic cigarette kits. Who would have thought that e-cigs would be a great alternative to smoking. We received our order within 1 day. You also have great prices on all your products so we plan to order more eliquid soon. Thank you and we'll be seeing you in the future.
~ Tom, Oklahoma

I gave my wife a Black Mesa Vapors e-cig as an early Christmas present. She loves it! She has used your electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking for the past 7 days. She has stopped using traditional cigarettes. I showed her the great selection of tanks and batteries on your website. She now wants to get a purple battery and DCT tank. She also has many coworkers that are thinking about switching to electronic cigarettes. Thank you Black Mesa Vapors for helping my wife make the switch!
~ Billy, Utah

Thank you for the quick delivery of my e-cig. I didn't expect such a quick delivery to California, but you guys pulled it off. I ordered the EGO K kit and some juicy peach e-liquid. Very satisfied!!!
~ Cindy, California

I received my DCT starter kit about two weeks ago and haven't smoked a single cigarette since. Only e-cigs for this guy! I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first, but now I'm convinced. You guys are da bomb! You'll definitely get my business again.
~ Tim, Oregon

My wife is extremely happy that I switched to using electronic cigarettes only. My fellow church family also commented that I didn't smell like smoke last Sunday. I've told them about Black Mesa Vapors and how it has helped me to find a better alternative to smoking. My hat goes off to you and the others who have made the switch. Thanks.
~ Jim, Minnesota

I've ordered from other suppliers before, but your eliquid has to be the best. The taste was so much better than the others that I've tried and your price was much cheaper. I just wanted to drop by and say thank you!
~ Angie, Pennsylvania

Black Mesa Vapors e-cigs are much better than those cheap e-cigs that you can buy at drug stores and department stores. I wasted my money on those in the past, but kept smoking my regular cigarettes. After trying one from Black Mesa Vapors, I have switched to e-cigarettes completely! I told my husband that now I'm buying a new outfit since I'm saving tons of money now! LOL :)
~ Summer, Illinois

Advice for beginners: Buy the DCT or Clearomizer starter kit and two bottles of eliquid (two different flavors). That's all you need to get started. Black Mesa Vapors has great prices and the best juice!
~ Johnny, Alaska

My boyfriend and I have only used electronic cigarettes since the day we got our package from you. We tell all our friends about your site and fantastic products. You guys also have the lowest price around, especially on your eliquid. We can't wait to try new flavors. Thanks!
~ Katrina, Texas

My wife and I haven't had a cigarette in almost three weeks. We only use our new e-cigs. I love the engraved battery and my wife loves her flower-power battery. Thank you for the quick delivery also. We are going to tell all our friends about your great products. Thank you Black Mesa Vapors!
~ Justin, Oklahoma

I appreciate the fast delivery on my new pink embossed battery! All my vaping friends wanted to know where I got it. They'll be headed your way soon.
~ Natalie, New Jersey

Thank you Black Mesa Vapors for your help! I'm now 3 months smoke free. I've tried many of your products and enjoy several of your e-liquid flavors...watermelon is my fav though.
~ Kim, Florida

I've tried many times over the years to quit smoking which were unsuccessful. A month ago I heard about Black Mesa Vapors from a friend. I decided that I would give electronic cigarettes a chance. Since purchasing an EGO DCT kit from your site, I've yet to have a single cigarette. Finding an alternative to smoking is a godsend. Your eliquid is amazing! It is very flavorful. I just wanted to tell you thank you and that you have one happy and satisfied customer! :-)
~ Susan, South Dakota

My name is Rob and I love my new e-cig from Black Mesa Vapors. I thought that it would be just like those electronic cigs that you get at your local convenience store...cheap, works half the time, tastes nasty...you know what I mean. But then I tried the new one from Black Mesa Vapors and let me tell you -- this thing works!! Not only is it just like smoking a cigarette, but you can get it in an array of flavors!! I don't smell like smoke anymore. This e-cig saves me lots of money (about $8/wk vaping cost versus $42/wk smoking cost).And above all my kids are so proud of me!! So thank you Black Mesa Vapors!!! :)
~ Rob, Oklahoma

I smoked for over 18 years before I found a better alternative. Electronic cigarettes gave me an alternative from my pack and half per day habit of traditional tobacco cigarettes. After trying to quit smoking for several years using nicotine patches and Chantix, I finally tried another alternative -- the electronic cigarette. In February of 2012, I bought an EGO DCT electronic cigarette. It gave me the right amount of vapor and throat hit that simulated a real cigarette. I immediately fell in love and began my life as a vaper and a NON-smoker! I'm saving tons of money and I don't smell like smoke! If you are a smoker, you owe it to yourself to try an electronic cigarette.
~ Chris, Oklahoma

Fast, friendly service! Staff was very helpful in helping me decide which vaping mod best fit my needs. They are extremely knowledgeable and showed me several mods and coils for my device. They also have a huge variety of eliquids.
~ Bill, Oklahoma