WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Are You Ready To Vape?


Ready To Vape

Perhaps you have seen someone smoking an electronic cigarette or maybe you’ve heard advertisements influencing you to purchase one. You have probably wondered if e-cigs are the "real deal” or just another gimmick. Let me tell you now, it’s no gimmick! Millions of people just like you have already made the switch from buying traditional tobacco cigarettes to this new and improved method of "smoking”. 

The biggest and most obvious difference is the structure of an e-cig. Traditional cigarettes are filled with many nasty chemicals like tar, lead, ammonia, cyanide, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. E-cigs, on the other hand, consist of a cartridge (mouthpiece), an atomizer or cartomizer (heating element), and a simple battery. The cartridge holds the liquid (eliquid) which gives the e-cig its flavor. The atomizer or cartomizer heats the liquid into a vapor. The battery is simply what powers the unit. There is not any actual smoke, but only vapor which dissipates much quicker than lingering smelly smoke from regular tobacco cigarettes.

Next you must consider the health aspects of e-cigs compared to that of a tobacco cigarette. You might have heard by now that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes may cause cancer, hence their name "cancer sticks”. Your lungs are exposed to all the aforementioned chemicals and so are the people around you. With electronic cigarettes, you will not be polluting your lungs or the people around you. The liquid (eliquid) consists of a natural base liquid (whose ingredients have been approved by the FDA), flavoring, and a small amount of nicotine. With e-cigs, you actually get to choose the flavor, the amount of nicotine, and the base liquid (usually VG or PG or a mix thereof). You are in total control of your vaping experience.

Many new vapers begin using tobacco or menthol flavors, but quickly move on to sweeter flavor offerings like blueberry, watermelon, rootbeer, and even chocolate. BlackMesaVapors.com offers many different flavors and nicotine levels to choose for your complete e-cig experience. You can even reduce your nicotine level so you can wean your body away from it altogether.

So what about the price to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes? This newer and better method of "smoking” has to be expensive, right? NO! Actually, it’s much cheaper!  In fact, a pack per day smoker can usually save around $2,000 per year. BlackMesaVapors.com has an e-cig calculator where you can enter your own figures into the simple calculator to find out what your savings will be if you indeed were to make the switch.

And please don’t be intimidated by all the jargon of the e-cig world. Words like "cartomizer” or "dual coil tanks” are harmless. Keep it simple. Just purchase an electronic starter kit and grab a bottle or two of eliquid to begin vaping. BlackMesaVapors.com makes it easy for new users to begin their own vaping journey by providing consumers with information regarding electronic cigarettes, instructions with all starter kits, an easy-to-use website, and customer service that is unbeatable. Are you ready to vape? Give BlackMesaVapors.com a try!