WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New Products from Black Mesa Vapors!


Here are some of our newest products at Black Mesa Vapors:

God180 Mod

Become a vaping god with the God180 box mod! This is a variable wattage mod that can be adjusted from 5 watts all the way up to a whopping 180 watts! This mod is designed to take three (3) 18650 batteries with a continuous discharge rate of 25A or higher. It's highly recommended to use rebuildable atomizers only, in order to get the most out of this extremely powerful mod. However, this mod does have 510 and eGo threading, along with a drip well and removable beauty ring with built-in airflow holes. This mod can be used with atomizers with resistances ranging from 0.4Ω to 4.0Ω. The God180 has a fantastic screen that's easy to read, and a comprehensive, yet simple, menu system. For experienced vapers only!

iTaste VV

The iTaste VV is a great passthrough battery with many advanced features. The VV battery is a variable voltage/variable wattage 800mAh passhtrough, so you can continue to use it while it's charging. Voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 volts to 5.0 volts in .1-volt increments. Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 to 11.0 watts in .5-watt increments. The VV will also display your remaining battery life, atomizer resistance and number of puffs taken. This is a compact yet powerful e-cigarette. With 510 and eGo threading, this battery can accommodate virtually any clearomizer, cartomizer or tank.

Winder 1300 battery

This 1300 mAh battery will give you the diversity of vaping at different voltages and at 1300 mAh you get extended life of the battery between charges. This has a redesigned circuit board from previous Twist style batteries making them more reliable. The Winder has five markings to indicate approximate output voltages at 3.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.4, and 4.8 volts but is adjustable throughout the entire voltage range. Just give it a spin to your desired output and you are ready to go. The Winder will work with a variety of 510 or eGo cartomizers, atomizers, clearomizers or tanks. You can charge the Winder with an eGo charger like our eGo USB charger.

Kanger Aerotank V2

The Aerotank V2 is a dual bottom coil clearomizer with a Pyrex tank and adjustable airflow. It holds about 2.5mL of eliquid. This tank has 510 and eGo threading. The adjustable airflow ring is easy to turn and adjust to your preference. To fill the tank, remove it from your battery and turn it upside down. Unscrew the base, and fill the tank with liquid to the top of the center post. Replace the bottom cap, flip it rightside-up, wait about 30 seconds, and it's ready to vape! Replacing the coil is just as simple as other bottom-coil tanks; remove the base, unscrew the coil from the base, and replace it with a fresh one. Dual coils provide a smooth, bold flavor without too much heat, and reduced burnt taste. The Kanger Aerotank V2 is the perfect clearomizer for any setup!

Carburetor Drip Tip

Here's a fantastic new wide-bore drip tip from EHPro! The Carburetor allows you to adjust your airflow by simply turning the ring on the side. The bottom is made of delrin to insulate the top of the drip tip from the heat generated by your coils. If your atomizer just isn't providing enough airflow, this drip tip can make up for it! 

Wide Bore Glass Drip Tip

Here's another great new drip tip from EHPro. This wide drip tip looks particularly good with pipe mods, but will work with most 510/808/901 atomizers. The width and length of this drip tip increases airflow and reduces juice backup.

Quad Charger

It's just another 4-bay charger, right? Wrong! The Efest LUC Charger V4 will charge 4 cells at either 0.5A or 1A. But that's not all! You can also charge 2 cells at 2A each, which is super fast! In addition, you can fit two 26650 batteries, and at 2A, you won't have to wait all day for a full charge. This charger is compatible with most battery sizes, including 16340, 18350, 10440, 18490, 14500, 18500, 16650, 18650, and 26650 batteries. After it's plugged in, just press the button next to the screen to change your charging speed.The screen will display each battery's voltage in real-time to one decimal point. Each channel is independent, so your batteries charge quickly regardless of how many are on the charger at one time. The LUC V4 may also be able to resurrect over-discharged cells. Lastly, the LUC V4 can act as a power bank if you're in a pinch. Simply unplug the charger from the outlet with batteries in the channels, plug in your device via the USB port in the back, and hold down the button. An icon will indicate that it's charging your device. This charger comes with an AC cable and a car charging cable for use in your cigarette lighter port. This is the perfect charger for people that use 26650 batteries, have multiple mods/batteries, or like to be fully-stocked with charged batteries at all times!

Finally a great way to carry your e-cig mod or standard eGo safely without it getting scratched. The G-Case contains a soft foam interior and an elastic strap to secure your mod. A recessed exterior zipper allows you to easily access the mod. There's also a D-ring belt loop clip for easy carry and a small stretch pocket for a bottle of eliquid on the backside. Dimensions: 6.5" x 1.75".

Demon Energy Zebra Juice Smerf Juice Alien Sauce Energy Cow Menthol USA Mix Tobacco
And finally some of our newest and best eliquids available: Demon Energy, Zebra Juice, Smerf Juice, Alien Sauce, Energy Cow, Menthol, and USA Mix!