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Electronic Cigarette Battery Charging and Safety


Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular every day. Many vapers use rechargeable batteries as opposed to disposable batteries because they are more cost efficient.

Correctly charging your e-cig battery is vital to the vapor performance and extension of battery life. Your vaping experience will be pleasant for a long time if you properly maintain your e-cig batteries.

Black Mesa Vapors offers three options to charge your e-cig battery – USB, wall, or car. Many eGo e-cig starter kits contain at least the USB charger. Be sure to check the contents of the starter kit for the charger(s) before buying.

USB charger

All eGo batteries need a USB charger. This is the device that connects to your battery and other charging adapters. The USB charger can be a standalone charger where it easily plugs into your USB port on your desktop PC, laptop, and other USB power sources. Always check the voltage requirements of any power source to ensure proper output. Some devices, such as, laptops generate more power than is required which will overheat the battery and may cause the battery to explode.

To begin charging, plug your USB charger into a standard USB port and simply screw in the battery to the threaded end of the USB charger. The indicator light will turn red while the battery is charging and will turn green when the battery is fully charged.

Wall charger

The wall charger is a 2-pronged device that is designed to work with your standard 110v electrical outlets. A USB charger connects to the wall charger. To begin charging, connect the USB charger and the wall charger. Next, plug the wall adapter into a standard 110v electrical outlet. Then, carefully screw your battery on the USB charger. Do not over tighten the battery.

Car charger

The car charger is designed to plug into your car’s A/C cigarette light outlet. To begin charging, insert the car charger into the A/C outlet. Next, connect the USB charger and the car charger. Then, carefully screw your battery to the USB charger. The indicator light should turn red to signify charging has started.

Charging frequency

Some vapers charge their battery twice a day while some only once per week. How often you will need to charge your e-cig battery depends upon the size of your battery and the frequency that you vape. When you charge your battery for the initial use, it is a good idea to leave them connected for 1-2 hours after the indicator light turns green. Always charge your battery to full capacity to ensure maximum lifespan.

Most vapers carry at least one spare battery so they can continue vaping while waiting on their other battery to fully charge. Nothing is worse when you need your e-cig and the battery is depleted! We advise vapers to get all three charging options so they can rest assure they will never be without battery power.

Battery Life

Most of today’s electronic cigarettes contain lithium-ion (LiMN) batteries. While lithium ion batteries last much longer than many other types of batteries, they still wear out and require replace replacement. Batteries can add up unwanted costs if you have to buy them often.

When there is a significant reduction in vapor even when your e-cig battery is fully charged and you are using a new atomizer, battery replacement is deemed necessary. A typical lithium-ion battery can give you approximately 200-400 charges. Exercising proper battery maintenance and care can extend the life of your battery and ensure maximum performance.

Lithium-ion batteries are designed for frequent use. The more they are used, the easier the power flows through the battery cells. Using your e-cig daily or every few days aids in the performance of the battery. Just like your mobile phones and iPods that run on lithium-ion batteries, e-cig batteries perform better when they are being used regularly.

Battery Handling

Have you ever dropped your regular cigarette? No big deal, right? With e-cigs you cannot afford to be careless. Dropping your electronic cigarette can damage the device. It is recommended that you use an eGo lanyard or G-case to reduce the risk of dropping your e-cig.

You should also never place your e-cig in your pocket as the tank can be damaged and you will end up with a pocket full of e-juice. And do not expose your e-cig battery to direct sunlight as heat and water as these can dramatically reduce its lifespan. Some e-cig batteries like the 18350 or 18650 style look very similar to your standard AA batteries. Carrying these types of batteries in your pocket can be hazardous. Loose coins or your car keys may come in contact with your battery causing the battery to overheat. We recommend users to purchase a plastic battery case to transport these types of batteries.

It is best to organize your electronic cigarette and accessories in an eGo carry case or G-case to protect your batteries from dust and impact when you are on the move. Even a slight drop can cause e-liquid to leak into your battery or trigger a short circuit.

Battery Drainage

You should not let your lithium-ions drain below 20 percent. Waiting for your battery to go empty before charging can most certainly reduce its lifespan. After multiple uses, you will be able to get a good idea on how long your battery charge will last. We recommend that you do not wait for the battery LED button to start blinking. Instead, we suggest you begin recharging when your battery is approximately halfway through its full charge.

If you hate waiting for your battery to fully charge, always keep a rotation of batteries in your kit. Black Mesa Vapors’ standard e-cig kits contain at least two batteries to make it easy for users to switch between them during charging times.

As long as the atomizer is connected to the battery, it continuously drains power even when you are not using your e-cig. If you are not going to use your e-cig for an extended period of time, you should remove the atomizer from the battery before putting them in storage. This will extend the interval between recharges and ultimately increase battery life.

Battery Storage

If you plan to store your electronic cigarette for an extended period, you should charge them to at least 75 percent beforehand. Storing batteries with low or empty power will cause them to drain a lot faster. When lithium-ions are drained, they have to work harder to replenish power. This is the reason why manufacturers ship their electronic cigarette batteries at least 75 percent charged.

Battery Charging

When charging your e-cig battery for the first time, you should leave it on the charger for an extra hour or two after a full charge. However, do not do this for succeeding charge cycles. The indicator light on your USB charger will turn green once your battery is fully charged. When you see this light turn green, please remove the battery right away from the charger. This will prevent overcharging your battery. Although it seems convenient to leave your e-cig charging overnight, we strongly advise against it.

Battery Maintenance

You should always keep your battery contact clean. When you open your starter kit for the first time, you will notice that the battery terminals are pristine gold and it is easy to draw on the mouthpiece. But after several uses, dust and moisture will begin to accumulate on the threads and holes. The buildup of gunk can cause damage to the battery over time and plugged air holes can make it difficult to take a normal drag. If you do not clean your batteries regularly, it could eventually cause them to malfunction.

To clean your battery, get a cotton swab or alcohol pad and wipe down the contact point. Use a toothpick to clear the air holes.

Battery Disposal and Recycling

In the United States, the federal government has classified lithium ion batteries as non-hazardous. They are safe for disposal. However, these batteries may still contain iron, cobalt, copper, and nickel. Although these metals are considerably safe to be discarded in landfills and incinerators, a better way to dispose of used batteries would be to recycle them.

Battery Safety

There have been a few cases of electronic cigarettes exploding and causing small fires, leading to the industry to issue a warning on the dangers of charging electronic cigarettes.

Here are some of the safety tips you should follow in order to prevent accidents:

  • Only use the charger supplied with the e-cig kit 
  • Do not mix and match components from different e-cig brands 
  • Do not screw the battery to the charger too tightly (plug the charger into the power source first, then gently screw the battery in until the LED light glow red) 
  • Do not leave your e-cig battery unattended when charging 
  • Clean the battery pin and charger contact at least once a week with tissue or alcohol wipes 
  • Remove the battery right away from the charger when fully charged

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