WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Eliquid Explosion!!!


Black Mesa Vapors now has over 100 delicious and unique flavors of eliquid available for their customers! Black Mesa Vapors has several categories of ejuice including tobacco, fruit, beverage, sweet, and special. They also include a premium line of ejuice made by Lion Head, one of the top American premium ejuice suppliers. You can even purchase sample packs that consists of five 10ml bottles from a specific category. Order online today and receive your tasty eliquid with super fast shipping.

Here are a few examples from each category:

·         Tobacco:

o   USA Mix

o   Desert Ship

o   Fire & Ice

o   RY4

o   Clove

·         Fruit:

o   Alien Sauce

o   Juicy Peach

o   Frankenberry

o   Tropical Delight

o   Zebra Juice

·         Beverage:

o   Black Raspberry Champagne

o   Cherry Limeade

o   Energy Cow

o   Irish Mintz

o   Hawaiian Punch

·         Sweet

o   Gummi Bear

o   Rainbow Candy

o   Sweet & Tart

o   Zebra Stripe Gum

o   Candy Cane

·         Special

o   Bacon

o   Grandpa’s Mix

o   Sour Booster

o   Sweetener

o   Waffle

·         Lion Head Premium eliquid:

o   Blueberry

o   Jungle Juice

o   Red Rhino

o   Strawberry

o   Orange

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