WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Rebuildables: The Latest Evolution of E-Cigs


Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm and are predicted to take over traditional tobacco cigarettes (analogs) within the next decade. Vapers are growing by the thousands and the electronic cigarette market is currently mass producing a variety of new designs daily. E-cigs have quickly evolved and are leaving many consumers puzzled over which design is best suited for them. The latest style of e-cigs to catch the eyes of many vapers are rebuildables. However, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Instead, let’s start at the beginning.

Many new vapers have chosen an eGo style e-cig, which is typically the cheapest and smallest among e-cigs, but is very capable of getting the user to put down analogs. For the majority of e-cig consumers, the eGo style remains their device of choice and is currently still the king of the market. Examples of eGo style e-Cigs include eGo-T, eGo-C, and eGo passthrough batteries.

Some users tend to want more from their e-cig so they have turned to mods or APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers). Mods are bigger and better e-cigs that can crank out more volts or watts, thus producing more vapor. Many mods have bright LCD screens which allow the user to adjust their voltage or wattage along with a variety of other options. Some of the best mods include the SID and Zmax.

There are also mechanical mods which do not have LCD screens. They are as their name implies, simply mechanical. Some vapers either use one 18650 battery or stack two smaller 18350 batteries for even better vapor production. Examples of mechanical mods are the Maraxus and the QQ mod.

And finally the latest evolution in e-cigs are the rebuildables. Rebuildables consist of Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs), Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs), and a hybrid. All rebuildables are for advanced vapers who have taken their vaping to the next level. They are hobbyists of the vaping world who stop at nothing to achieve the biggest clouds of vapor. They have even coined this massive vapor production as "chasing clouds”. 

The RDA consists of dripping eliquid directly on an exposed wick where it is then vaporized into massive vapor clouds. Vapers rebuild the wicks out of silica, ekowool, and cotton to name a few materials. Of the rebuildables, the wicks of an RDA are usually the easiest to rebuild, but are typically the most difficult to maintain because the user must frequently apply or drip more eliquid. Some of the more common RDAs include the Nimbus and Trident.

RBAs are similar to the RDA, but contain a tank and conductive coils in addition to wicks. The longevity of these rebuilt wicks make the RBA the easiest to maintain. Their wicks are made from steel mesh, porcelain, and surgical cable. A huge advantage of the RBA is the increased flavor gained over a standard cartomizer or clearomizer tank that is typically found on the eGo style e-cig.
The last type of rebuildable consists of a dripping atomizer and a hybrid tank. They usually consists of several parts including a tank and a drip-style wick that constantly remains soaked in eliquid as opposed to that of an RDA which dries out every few inhales. Some of the most popular hybrid rebuidable atomizers include the Kayfun and Ithaka. 

We recommend our readers do more research on the advanced world of rebuildables. You should watch many instructional YouTube videos to fully understand how ohms, volts, and watts work before attempting to rebuild any atomizer. Exercise extreme caution when rebuilding atomizers or you may face the risk of overloading batteries which can cause them to explode. You should also purchase a good quality voltmeter before you jump into this hobby of rebuilding atomizers. Until next time, happy vaping!

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