WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

DCT Cartomizer Troubleshooting


Although DCT tanks are my personal favorite tank system, there is sometimes a small learning curve for new vapers associated with its use. Below I discuss a few troubleshooting tips to help you become more familiar with your DCT tank system. Upon purchasing your new DCT Starter Kit, you should have received instructions labeled DCT Tank Filling Instructions. You should follow these instructions precisely when filling your new DCT cartomizer tank. 

Issue: Burnt taste.

Cause(s): The cartomizer was not filled/primed correctly or the DCT tank was vaped on empty resulting in the filler material in the cartomizer around the heating element  to become burnt. 

Fix: Sometimes, depending on how burnt the cartomizer has become, you can prime more eliquid into the cartomizer to resolve this issue.  Other times, the cartomizer is too burnt and should simply be replaced. Note: Remove white rubber cartomizer cap before using the new cartomizer. This cap is only used when storing the cartomizer.

Issue: Gurgling sound when I draw on my DCT tank in which sometimes eliquid comes though the mouth piece or eliquid leaks onto my battery. The cartomizer is flooded which simply means the cartomizer has too much eliquid in the filler material. 

Cause(s): A flooded cartomizer can be the result of over priming your cartomizer, drawing too hard on the DCT tank, dripping eliquid down the center hole around the heating element of the cartomizer, or the eliquid has become too thin due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or overheating of the eliquid (usually occurs in variable voltage MODS when used at higher voltages).

Fix: To fix a flooded cartomizer, you should remove the DCT tank from the battery. Place the threaded end of the DCT tank (bottom of the cartomizer) into a paper towel. Blow through the drip tip a few times to remove the excess eliquid from the cartomizer. Then wipe the threads clean and dry. Now screw the DCT tank to the battery. Press the LED activation button a couple times for about two seconds. This will burn off excess eliquid in the cartomizer. At this point, you should be able to refill your DCT tank with eliquid and begin vaping. Note: You should not repeat the priming step in your original DCT Tank Filling Instructions. Cartomizers typically only need primed upon initial use. 

If your eliquid has become too thin due to overheating, you should set the e-cig in a cool place for a few minutes. If using a MOD, you should decrease the voltage to prevent overheating of the eliquid. 

Issue: I hear a popping sound when I press the LED activation button on my battery.

Cause(s): After your e-cig has been sitting awhile, the eliquid is cool and has totally saturated the filler material around the heating element . When the LED activation button is pressed, the heating element heats up very quickly and vaporizes the cool eliquid causing popping sounds. As you continue to vape, the eliquid around the coils is warm and does not pop as often.

Fix: This is normal. No fix is necessary.

Issue: When using a MOD, like the ZMax, SID, or Lavatube, my eliquid tastes burnt.

Cause(s): Incorrect cartomizer used or the voltage/wattage setting on your MOD may be set too high.

Fix: First, be sure you are using the correct cartomizer. Black Mesa Vapors offers a few different resistances in cartomizers: 1.5 ohm (standard), 2.0 ohm, 2.5 ohm, and 3.0 ohm.

*Recommended Resistance (DCT):
Standard eGo battery (3.7v)----1.5 ohms
Variable Voltage Mods (5.0v)----2.0 ohms
Variable Voltage Mods (6.0v)----2.5 ohms
Variable Voltage Mods (7.0v)----3.0 ohms

Second, make sure the current voltage/wattage setting is set up properly. You may need to decrease the voltage (v) or wattage (w) on your MOD.

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