WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

HB2097 Threatens Oklahoma Vapor Products


HB2097 Threatens Oklahoma Vapor Products
Please Act Now!!!

Even though the House Public Health committee rejected
the language of SB 802, it was reintroduced as amendment
to HB 2097, and passed by the Senate less than 24 hours
later, giving Oklahoma electronic cigarette users very little
time to contact their legislators.

We support the ban on the sale of vapor products to minors,
but this bill does much more and would hurt an industry that
is helping thousands of Oklahomans quit smoking.

* Contrary to assertions by the amendments sponsor, the
bill, as amended, would increase taxes on Oklahoma ecigarette
users who don't use disposable models

* Required licensing would increase the cost of e-cigarette
products and lead to the unavailabity of hundreds or
thousands of products

* The bill would make it a criminal act for an e-cigarette user
to buy online without having a license, which would severely
limit access for Oklahomans living in rural areas

*The poor wording and unclear definitions would make
compliance extremely difficult

This bill is being heavily supported by RJ Reynolds and
Lorillard, two of the largest tobacco companies. By forcing
vapor product vendors to be licensed as tobacco retailers
and operate through tobacco channels this bill would give a
definite advantage to tobacco companies that carry
disposable e-cigarettes.

We urge lawmakers to look carefully at the implications of
this bill. We urge voters to contact their representatives and
ask them not to let the tobacco lobbyists convince them to
pass legislation that is bad for Oklahoma small business and
bad for Oklahoma public health.