WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

DCT Tank Filling Instructions


DCT Tank Assembly includes:
1 - Tube Assembly
1 - Dual Coil Cartomizer
1 - Plastic Drip Tip

1. Obtain DCT tank assembly and a bottle of eliquid.
2. Remove the drip tip from the cartomizer.
3. Fill the cartomizer by dripping 15-20 drops of eliquid around the edges into the fabric filler. Be careful not to get eliquid into the center hole.
4. Slide the cartomizer partially out of the DCT tank.
5. Drip eliquid into the DCT tank around the cartomizer. As it fills, slide the cartomizer up to prevent liquid from going into the cartomizer. You can fill as close to the top as you would like without allowing the liquid to leak into the cartomizer.
6. Slide the cartomizer back into the top hole of the tank and align the bottom (threaded end) with the slot on the end of the DCT tank so it is fully inserted into bottom of the DCT tank.
7. Replace the drip tip. You will need to apply pressure to the bottom of the cartomizer while pushing the drip tip on to prevent the internal cartomizer from sliding out of the tube tank.
8. Screw onto your battery device and you are ready to use the DCT tank assembly.

Note: Although the pictures do not show it, I recommend leaving the battery attached to the cartomizer when filling the DCT cartomizer and tank.

Next, you should "prime” the tank. This is only used on the initial use of a new cartomizer. 
1. Unscrew your battery from the DCT tank assembly. 
2. Apply pressure to bottom of the cartomizer with your thumb to cut off all air flow.
3. Take two to three quick drags on the drip tip while still applying pressure with your thumb.
4. You should notice the eliquid in the DCT tank drop by about 1/4” to 3/8” which means it is now inside the cartomizer via the small laser hole in the cartomizer.
5. Now you should screw your battery onto the DCT tank assembly. 
6. Hold down battery button for about 2 to 3 seconds while inhaling the vapor. Remember most eGo batteries have a 5-click on/off function. The button should light up when activated.
7. If you get a burnt taste, then repeat priming steps. If you get a smooth taste, then you can now enjoy your electronic cigarette!